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The Arab Consultants Group was established in 1978 as an Engineering Design office. It was the first fully integrated office in Gaza comprising a full team of professionals in the basic fields of Engineering (Architecture, Civil, Structural, Surveying, Mechanical and Electrical).

Lately, additional associates in the fields of economics and business skills were incorporated. The services of local consultants in various fields of expertise are retained as needed.

The Group operates from an office in Gaza city furnished with up to date facilities, computers using graphic and AutoCAD programs, laser printers, plotters, blue print copies and photocopiers. These equipments facilitate the high quality production of plans and designs in multiple copy formats. All essential communication equipment are installed including telephone, telex, and facsimile machine. These guarantee the clients a fast and efficient service.

In August 1993 another branch was established in the Washington area under the name of International Consultants Group - I.C.G. to cover the international activities of the Group.

In September 1995 the branch of Amman-Jordan was established under the original name A.C.G. to cover the activities of the Group in the Gulf area.

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The office has gained 18 years of local design and construction management experience in the Gaza Strip. Our work has covered a wide variety of planning, design and supervisory projects.

Typical projects:

-Residential, single units and multi-use.

-Office complexes.

-Medical buildings.


-Cold storage facilities.

-Meat and vegetable processing units.

-Shopping centers.

-Public works, roads and bridges.

-Utilities, water and wastewater.

-Diagnosis and prognosis of structural failures.

-Renovation projects.

-INTERNET / INTRANET enviroment setup & Web sites design.

Using a wide range of local expertise, we have always tried to combine a strong sense of cultural awareness with architectural innovations in our design work and presentation.

We are now extending our considerable expertise and local knowledge into economics and business consultancy work in the Gaza Strip in an attempt to establish a fully integrated approach to infrastructure development and planning.

The vast majority of this experience has been locally gained. However, we have added Palestinian consultants with considerable expatriate experience. This enables us to overcome seemingly considerable operational constraints in both the public and private sector.

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As a result of the political development in the area, many rehabilitation and development projects have begun in the Palestinian Territories ( West Bank and Gaza ) and other projects are expected in the near future. Accordingly it is necessary to establish cooperative relations with foreign firms. A number of joint venture agreements were established with some firms in the UK, USA, Egypt and Spain.

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-Offer detailed Engineering designs for a wide range of projects.

-Undertake local construction supervision.

-Provide local expertise and training in Architectural, Structural, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in a wide variety of fields.

-Provide training for Engineers in both design and project management.

-Undertake integrated projects feasibility and bid evaluation studies.

-Offer local research facilities in the form of a data bank.

-Offer fluent Arabic, English, Greek, Serbian and German.

-Carry out research into economics and business development opportunities in the Gaza Strip.

-Retain efficient legal council as needed.

-Arrange for accommodation of visiting joint venture personnel in the Gaza area .

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Arab Consulting Group has recently expanded its services in computer related area which include Web Sites Design, Data Base Programming and Computer Languages Programming. High Tech instruments and computers are being used to facilitate the new services. In addition, ACG specialists also provides consulting in the fields of UNIX and Windows NT operating systems, TCP/IP networking and INTERNET / INTRANET environments. ACG new programming section is enriched with system analysts to study and analyze the need and progress of the computer system and programs.

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